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ISPO Award winning


ÖKO Odyssey™

The Six-in-One Survival System

The Odyssey is the only survival tool that allows you to have access to clean water, food and, light source and an emergency beacon all in one.

With two filtration levels, the Odyssey makes access to clean water easy almost anywhere in the world. It includes an 237ml food/storage cup, a hanger hook to hang from a pack, a tree or inside a tent. The Odyssey comes equipped with a flashlight adapter which doubles as a lantern when the light is flipped up. An additional mode turns the light into an emergency beacon.




Cup & Storage:

Threaded to the bottom of the unit, the storage unit has a capacity of 237ml. It can be used as a drinking cup, space for a nutritious snack or just to store keys, coins, medicine and other necessities.






Level-1 Filter:

The filter is carbon based and meets NSF Std. 42 for reduction of chlorine, taste and odor. It is designed for use with tap water (see ÖKO ON THE GO).It provides a fast water flow with a 378 liter capacity.







Level-2 Filter:

Originally designed for use in NASA space stations, the filter media has been laboratory tested to remove 99.9999% of giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium and other seriously harmful contaminants from water. The filter may be used in over 140 countries (see ÖKO ON THE GO). The filter has a capacity of 378 liters. For detailed chart of the OKO Level-2 filter performance click here.







The Odyssey storage unit may be replaced with a flashlight adapter. With a bright LED light and a single reflective lens it yields serious lighting on demand. Whether walking the dog at night, in an emergency or in a camp setting, your water bottle easily transforms into a flashlight when you need it. Uses 3 x AAA batteries.







The flashlight may be flipped upward and threaded onto the bottle. This will turn your bottle into an instant lantern! The slight concave shape of the bottom of the bottle acts as a lens to spread the light. On your nightstand or inside a tent, ÖKO Odyssey is there to light up your surroundings. The handle on top of the bottle, becomes a hanger hook to hang from an object like a tree or a tent.







An added mode on the flashlight/lantern unit, works to give you a flashing emergency strobe. Stranded in a broken down car, or in a disaster or emergency, once again the Odyssey is there to give you clean water, bright light and a call for survival…just in case!






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